What IS Walden Outdoors?

I find myself wondering this constantly. With Walden being essentially a side project to my daily career and life, it’s been hard for it to find its footing and truly take hold. Here are a few of my ideas, tell me what you think:
-Youth riding events and races
-School racing league sponsorship
-Privateer racer sponsorship and support
-Local cycling advocacy group
-Coffee/snack cart for local races
-Outdoor advocacy group (watershed cleanup and education)
-Charity race and ride organization, benefitting the charity of the winners’ choice

That’s what I’ve got for now…any input is greatly appreciated!


Stay wild 🙂



KLB Spring Clean 2017!!

It’s that time of year again, time to broaden the horizons and help clear the world of litter outside the boundaries of our little adopted bit of watershed. We have plenty of room left in our group, let us know if you’d like to help.


Even if you can’t make it, or are in a totally different location in the world, go out and pick up some trash in solidarity 😉



Ladybug Table

Concept – Design – Creation

The creative process has always fascinated me. Limited only by your imagination, it gives you total control of the variables that are in front of you (within the limits of reality, of course). If you encounter a problem, you find the causes and devise solutions until the most effective one is reached. Things evolve and change along the way, improving into the best version of your original concept. At least that’s the intention. This table has been quite a personal voyage of growth and realization. What started as a grand token of affection became an assessment of meaning and purpose, both literally and metaphorically. How do the dimensions and joints work together? How does the process affect the result? How much meaning can be built into an object, if any? Seeing any project through to completion takes dedication and motivation, especially when the initial spark has grown weak through roughened hands, late nights, and constant reevaluation of details and purpose. Don’t give up though, for the results are usually worth the labors. The result here was a beautiful, meaningful, and slightly unbalanced, little meditation table. A lesson on the true limits of control a person can have over an outcome. Quite fitting indeed.

Now what to do with this damn table…


On starting over…

Let’s face it, I’ve always been a man of many ideas, and little action. I’ve always told myself I was waiting for the resources, or the right time, or the right planetary alignment, and THEN everything would work itself out and fall into place. I’ve come to learn (and accept) that that’s not the way things work. You have to work for what you want, you really do have to be the change that you want to see in the world, however cliche that may sound.


I’ll admit it, the original purpose of this endeavor got away from me, and I lost focus on what was important and what was motivating me to start Walden Outdoors in the first place. The mission statement has changed, I’m
not ev
en sure if I have
one anymore really, but I know that the mission in my mind is clear: reconnect, restore, and rebuild. Those goals aren’t just limited to outdoor recreation or advocacy, those are personal challenges to myself and everyone around me. Reconnect with friends, family, nature, your community, with YOURSELF. Restore the world to a more natural state, a more stable state, and that starts with restoring ourselves and our faith in a better possible outcome. Rebuilding, this is a big one for me personally…We all have trials and tribulations throughout the course of our lives on this planet, and they have the power to build you up so high you feel you could touch the heavens, or break you down so devastatingly that you could swear you were knocking on the Devil’s door. The key to rebuilding is finding the motivation within yourself to make a difference, whether that be in the physical or purely emotional sense. I’m currently on a path to accomplish all three, both within myself, and with Walden as an organization. Sure, I plan to write reviews and document my adventures, but the real story is what is being learned along the way, how those moments have the ability to change the course of my present and my future. Cherish every moment that you have in this existence, and make them count. Take nothing for granted, because no outcome is guaranteed.

Moral of the story; every action has a reaction, and everyone has the power within themselves to learn and grow from them. It’s never too late to be a better version of what you were before. The change begins with you.

“The best way to predict the future, is to help create it.”


I can’t believe it’s really happening…Walden Outdoors is becoming, nay, has become a real thing!! I have so many plans for this project, it’s unreal. I can’t wait to spread the love of nature and learning that I’ve built within myself over the course of my life.
Honestly though, I couldn’t do it without the amazing team that I have behind me. You know who you are…

Much love,