Ladybug Table

Concept – Design – Creation

The creative process has always fascinated me. Limited only by your imagination, it gives you total control of the variables that are in front of you (within the limits of reality, of course). If you encounter a problem, you find the causes and devise solutions until the most effective one is reached. Things evolve and change along the way, improving into the best version of your original concept. At least that’s the intention. This table has been quite a personal voyage of growth and realization. What started as a grand token of affection became an assessment of meaning and purpose, both literally and metaphorically. How do the dimensions and joints work together? How does the process affect the result? How much meaning can be built into an object, if any? Seeing any project through to completion takes dedication and motivation, especially when the initial spark has grown weak through roughened hands, late nights, and constant reevaluation of details and purpose. Don’t give up though, for the results are usually worth the labors. The result here was a beautiful, meaningful, and slightly unbalanced, little meditation table. A lesson on the true limits of control a person can have over an outcome. Quite fitting indeed.

Now what to do with this damn table…